Common Lllllang is the lesser of two dialects of Lllllang. Common Lllllang encompasses a large majority of Lllllang, and is intended to be a faster, albeit cruder, dialect.

Common LllllangEdit

Common Lllllang is still in need of a lot of things, namely:

  • A series of rules defining exactly what it is!
  • Contributors!

Basic RulesEdit

The Lllllang alphabet is relatively simple, consisting of only two vowels (Ee and Oo), and 10 consonants (Bb, Kk, Dd, Gg, Hh, Ll, Nn, Pp, Rr, and Ss). Each vowel can take on a number of different functions, denoted by a set of accents (giving us 6 different vowels to work with: Ee, .E.e, and E'e', as well as Oo and O'o'). Additionally letters, words, and even entire phrases can be written in super or subscript to provide visual cues about inflection. Italic text denotes an interrogative inflection - there are no question marks in Lllllang.

Couplet Rules

Couplets are words composed of two morphemes, in a CVCV structure, excepting the rare CVVC which may denote borrowed words, or special modifiers/identifiers.


An important part of (high) Lllllang is its meter. The meter is used partially to denote and give meaning, through a rigid grammatical structure. This may be based on position or stress, as in the stressed words or syllables in iambic pentameter.