High Lllllang is the greater of the two dialects of Lllllang. It is intended to be a much slower, articulate dialect, likely only in use by those of very high social standing or in song.

High LllllangEdit

High Lllllang is in need of lots of things, including:

  • A series of rules defining exactly what it is!
  • Contributors!

Phoneme RulesEdit

Triplets, morphemes in sets of three, are the primary unit of high lllang. Most common sets will use CVCV-CV format of triplet construction. An inverted CVCV-VC construct, though possible, is relatively uncommon and may be used as a specific identifier or modifier.


Triplets are simply 6 letter groups that form the basis of High Lllllang morphemes. Each triplet can be broken into 3 seperate phonemes, the first two of which always take a CVCV structure (similar to the structure of words in Common Lllllang. The last phoneme is a special modifier and can take a CV or VC structure, depending on the usage..