Lllllang (from English/Finnish, pronounced [ʟɑːŋ])is a conlang in development! It is intended to be a small, simple-to-grasp language, with unique grammar and syntax that distinguish it from other natural and constructed languages.

Basic RulesEdit

Lllllang revolves around these rules (so far):

  • All expressions are regular - there are to be no irregularities.
  • There are two distinct dialects - Common and High Lllllang.
  • Common Lllllang is built around coupled phonemes - High Lllllang is built around triplets of phonemes.
    • Words should be extendable, but the goal of Lllllang is not to produce another polysynthetic language.
  • Both dialects are potentially spoken in an undecided meter.

We are striving to ensure that Lllllang is simple, but not overly so. This is why Lllllang is to contain no irregularities - everything should be easy to understand, and though the language is intended to be very minimal, expressions should be able to convey a great detail of information.

To DoEdit

Things Lllllang needs:

  • Formal grammar
  • Concrete lingual constructs
  • A history or cultural backstory
  • People to help contribute!

  • Define permissible modifiers